Mini-Manhattan is a project to construct Manhattan 10 Million times smaller in size to fit in a 10' x 10' platform. The objective of this project is to engage Civil Engineering students to develop creative skills while pursuing their studies. The City College of New York is the ultimate candidate to host this project.  Mini-Manhattan will be a functional city with various artistic and realistic ideas that reflect today's need for urban sustainability.


Based on the available funds, we can only pursue one of the following paths listed below. 

     1. Build a realistic model that reflects major stockholders in the city while
         engaging all Civil Engineering Departments to install their model and bring
         Mini-Manhattan to life. 

     2. Build the most cost effective Mini-Manhattan while maintaining major  
         Engineering aspects of the city. 


Generating revenue will include tourists visits, corporations listing, small businesses, city agencies, art galleries, etc.  A marketing campaign will be put in place to engage interest of concerned parties and show potential benefits by sponsoring the project. 

Prototype coming soon. 

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